Prospect Presbyterian Church

2020 Stewardship Campaign

“Tell me a story…Once upon a time…A lot of people are saying that…”

Stories. We hear them every day. We sometimes wonder about their truthfulness. We might be conditioned to believe them or not, by our experiences. We can seek a story to comfort us in a time of trouble, or to beguile us from grief, or to steel us for a struggle that lies ahead. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end; a hero, a villain, a plot twist, and a denouement.

Jesus was a master at sketching parables to illustrate ideas, deftly highlighting the emotions of the characters and letting us fill in the details in our own imaginations. How would the prodigal son be received today? Would the father break into a run and hug him, in a time of ‘social distancing?’ Would the brother’s resentment be further laced with xenophobia?

We are all living in a parable, right now. We, ourselves, are the characters in the story, and nobody knows how it will come out. It is up to us to write the ending of this next chapter in Prospect’s own enduring story.

We visit Prospect–virtually or in the flesh–every day, every week, in all seasons, not always knowing what may come next in our life together. Yet what we do know from these difficult days of the coronavirus pandemic is we need each other more than ever and in that spirit we turn the page to a new chapter in a story that cannot be told without us.

Be a part of the story in 2020 and beyond. Pledge your stewardship to the future of Prospect Church, won’t you?

What is your Stewardship pledge?

Your Stewardship pledge is:

  • your response to God's grace shed on you.
  • financial support that mirrors your gifts of time and talents to the Prospect community

A pledge is not a legally binding contract. Your pledge therefore can be adjusted, as your income may increase or decrease in the coming year.

How much should I pledge?

Your pledge is a very personal decision—we hope that you can meet or exceed last year’s commitment. Contact our Financial Secretary,, if you don’t remember your total giving.

Many members are comfortable pledging a percentage of their income.

How do I pledge, especially since worship services are postponed?

It's true, that the current coronavirus pandemic has disrupted how we would normally collect your pledge card, which would have been during services on Dedication Sunday. Traditional pledges can still be made by filling out a pledge card and sending it to the church office. You may have received one of these in the mail and can use that. If not, you can download one here. Just print it and fill it out and mail it back to the church office.

Alternatively, we now have an online direct payment option which will allow your pledge to be directly paid via a secure online payment service sponsored by the Presbyterian Foundation. We encourage all who are comfortable with this to take advantage of the convenience and simplicity it provides particularly in this challenging time when travel can be difficult. You can begin that process by clicking here to set up your personal online giving account.

Thank you for your generosity!

The Stewardship Team and the Session would like to thank you for your continued support of Prospect's mission.

Thank you:

Rick Boyer, Pastor | Dick Lunde, Chair | Winston Watson, Treasurer
Sally Chew | Tamara Connolly | James Jones | John Pearson | Nancy Shields

Prospect Presbyterian Church • 646 Prospect Street | Maplewood, NJ |  973.763.2090